Connect the SteadyPay app to the bank your pay goes into. Our tech does the rest.

We'll activate the top-up, emergency cash and credit building solutions after you’ve paid the subscription for two weeks.

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Getting top-ups

The app works out your average pay and looks out for when you get paid below that. The app will offer you a top-up. If you accept, we'll drawdown credit from your top-up facility and advance it to your bank account. The minimum top-up is £25. Your top-up facility has a £1000 credit limit. All top-ups are subject to affordability checks.

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Getting emergency cash

Simply hit the emergency cash button on the app. A fixed amount of credit from your top-up facility will be advanced to your bank account.

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We’ll provide you with an instalment plan when you're offered a top-up or access emergency cash. We automatically collect instalment payments from your debit card. You can also pay an instalment early on the app.

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Credit building

When you make a repayment you refresh your credit for the next time you need a top-up or emergency cash. It also goes to building your credit score. This is because we partner with credit agencies to report on repayments. If you keep up with your repayments, your credit score will improve and open up opportunities to get the loans you deserve.

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To keep the top-up and emergency cash solutions active, you must stay up to date with your subscription and repayments.

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