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How do I get a top-up? When can I have a top-up?
How do I get a top-up? When can I have a top-up?
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We will offer you a top-up when get paid below your average pay by £25 or more.

If you accept the offer, we will drawdown credit from your top-up facility and advance it to your bank account.

Please allow 24 hours after you have been paid for the app to update and send you a top-up notification. It is learning to detect your pay.

Important information:

  • To activate top-ups you must have paid your subscription for two weeks.

  • All top-ups are subject to affordability checks.

  • Your top-up facility has a £1000 credit limit.

  • If we are unable to collect a subscription or instalment payment, we will put a hold on your top-ups.

  • If you have been granted a holiday on paying your instalments, we will not offer you a top-up during this period.

  • We do not offer top-ups for payroll deductions such as court fines, tax payments and employer reimbursements. We offer top-ups for when your pay is below average due to working less than usual, like when you have fewer shifts, take time off sick and go on holiday.

*Top-ups are not offered retroactive after the two-week cooldown period. You'll be eligible for a top-up for a wage received after this time.

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