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What to do when someone dies
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Our condolences. Dealing with the financial affairs of a person close to you when you’re grieving is never easy. To help get you through this difficult time, we've prepared this guide on how to close the person's account with us.

Inform us

First of all, please email us on [email protected]. Tell us the person’s name, address, mobile phone number, email address and date of birth. Once we're informed:

  • We'll stop communications to the account holder. It takes a short time to arrange this, so we apologise if you receive communications addressed to them in the meantime.

  • We’ll freeze the account and stop charging the subscription fee. Please note, though, we still need to settle the balance owed to us from the person's estate.

Provide documentation

So we can close the person's account, we need some documentation. Please email these to [email protected]:

  • Proof of identity. We'll need a copy of your driver's licence or passport. These must be valid.

  • Poof of death. We'll need a copy of the person's death certificate when this becomes available.

  • Grant of Probate or Letter of Administration. These are legal documents that indicate you have the authority to deal with the person's affairs. If there's a will, this document is called a Grant of Probate. If there isn't a will, it's called a Letter of Administration. In Scotland, in either case, it's called a Certificate of Confirmation.

We cannot close the account until all of the information above is provided.

Settlement of balance owed to us

We will look to recover the balance owed to us through the person's estate if the money is available. We will contact you about this.

Again, our condolences. Please email us if you need further information and assistance.

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