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How do I repay the top-ups?
How do I repay the top-ups?
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When you're offered a top-up, we'll provide you with an instalment plan.

The number of instalments depends on your pay cycle and total owed balance. If you're paid:

  • monthly or four-weekly: 3 instalments 

  • fortnightly: 4 instalments

  • weekly: 6 instalments 

The due date for an instalment is your payday or the nearest business day after that. You don’t have to do anything, as we automatically collect instalment payments from your debit card on the due date.

Alternatively, you can make an early payment of an instalment. You can do this on the app.

What happens if I get paid below average?

If it is below average by £25 or more, we will offer you a top-up and a brand new instalment plan. This plan will account for the new top-up plus what is left to repay from the previous top-up.

If it is below average by less than £25, we will collect the instalment.

Did you you know...

That your instalment payments go to refreshing your top-up credit facility. We also report your payments to credit agencies, giving you the opportunity to build your credit score.

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