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How can I get a higher Income Advance?
How can I get a higher Income Advance?

Pockit Income Advance

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Great question!

The Income Advance feature is only available to a few selected Pockit members and can only be requested once at a time.

Currently, the maximum amount available is either £50 or £100, depending on the payment history and eligibility. This may also increase in the future. If the funds received increase, so does the fee.

In order to qualify for the £100, you must have been using and repaying the Income Advance on time at least 3 times.

Once you've used and paid the £50 for at least three times, we will assess your eligibility based on but not limited to:

*The activity in your Pockit account,

*The regular income deposited into it,

*The passing of the risk assessment,

*The passing of the soft credit check.

If you meet the criteria, you should be able to obtain credit without any difficulties.

Please keep in mind that you will need to satisfy all these requirements before the amounts are increased.

If a higher amount is not visible on the Pockit app, it simply means that you do not qualify yet.

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