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ANNA’s FastTrack to Credit - How does it work?
ANNA’s FastTrack to Credit - How does it work?
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When you first start a business, your credit rating will be low because credit agencies aren’t familiar with your business and have no way of judging your creditworthiness.

FastTrack to Credit can change this. ANNA has teamed up with SteadyPay; together we report monthly to 3 credit agencies. We share your sales information with them, allowing you to rapidly boost your credit rating. And as your credit rating increases, so does your access to credit.

FastTrack to Credit isn’t just for businesses getting started. It can help your business grow over the long term; the longer you use it, the more you can take control of your credit rating, and the more credit you’re likely to access.

For the FastTrack there are:

  • No interest charges

  • No late payment penalties

  • No hidden fees

  • You can cancel at any time, without any penalties

  • No lock in contract

Be aware that any adverse information about your business can affect your creditworthiness, even if that activity isn’t happening within your ANNA account.

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