What is Credit Builder?
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Credit Builder is a service designed to improve your credit score. Your credit score is very important - it gets checked when you apply for a loan, credit card, store finance and even a phone contract. A good credit score means more options and better deals.

We've designed Credit Builder so there is minimal risk to you.

  • No major debt

  • No interest charges and servicing fees (0% APR)

  • No need to connect to your bank

  • No contract lock-in

  • No hard credit check

Is super simple.

  • You enter into a credit agreement for £84. This is held in reserve (so you can't see it in you bank account or spend it).

  • You make small, fixed payments of £7 a month over 12 months. These will be reported to the three major credit agencies - TransUnion, Experian and Equifax.

  • StepUp gives you an easy and effective way to demonstrate that you can make on time payments over the length of a credit agreement – this is the single biggest factor that goes to raising your credit score.

  • We will collect the first payment after you sign the agreement. The remaining payments will be collected from the following month onwards, on the last Friday of each month.

Now the best part! At the end of the agreement, your credit score should have improved. This means you may be eligible for our SteadyPay TopUP service. This provides up to £1000 credit to top-up your pay when you earn less than usual. An improved credit score also means you are more likely to get credit from other providers. Sounds good right?

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