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What fees are charged?
What fees are charged?
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SteadyPay membership costs vary based on the product you have chosen. For the TopUP service the subscription is £7 a week. This subscription gives you access to our pay top-ups, early top-ups, and credit building services. No interest is ever charged.

  • Learn more about subscriptions here.

We may charge the following fees in relation to your credit agreement:

  • If we have to register that you defaulted, there is a £12 fee

  • If we have to file a county court judgment against you, there is a minimum £24 fee

  • If we have to administer a disputed transaction by you, we will pass on the fee set by the third-party (typically your bank or debit card provider). This fee can be up to £30 and is applicable for each individual transaction that is disputed or flagged as fraudulent.

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