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What's the deal with the repayment plan?
What's the deal with the repayment plan?
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We are different from banks and traditional lenders. They provide a fixed loan so you can buy something, and they give you a year or so to repay that loan. 

We provide a more dynamic and responsive service because chances are you will need many top-ups over a year (and beyond that).

To this end, we have structured the instalments so that you repay a top-up relatively quickly and refresh your credit for the next top-up. 

We pause instalments if you receive another pay that is below usual by £25 or more.* In this situation, we provide another top-up and reset your instalments. Hence we keep on ‘smoothing out’ your pay.

*For the installments to be paused, the subscriptions have to be kept up to date. If these are missed, the app will collect the repayments as usual.

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