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What is SteadyPay TopUp?
What is SteadyPay TopUp?
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We help people paid by the hour to thrive. We've bundled a bunch of amazing financial solutions - pay top-ups, early top-ups, credit building - into one easy subscription. No interest is ever charged.

Pay top-ups

Let's pretend your usual pay is £500 a week. Last week you had to take time off and as a result got paid £300. In this situation we’d advance you a top-up of £200.

When you get paid less than usual, we advance you money. The top-ups bring your pay back to usual, protecting you when you work fewer shifts, take time off sick or go on holiday.

Early top-ups

Got a sudden expense? No worries. You can drawdown a set amount of money from your top-up facility.

Credit building

Your repayments are reported to credit agencies, giving you the opportunity to build your credit score. What's more, your repayments refresh your credit for the next time you need a top-up.

No interest

Unlike other lenders, we don't charge interest. We've bundled all these amazing financial solutions into one easy subscription of £7 a week.

Learn more about how SteadyPay works here.

But wait, there's more!

We now offer a specialist, standalone credit building product called Credit Builder! Learn more here.

*Additional soft credit checks may be done every few months.

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