SteadyPay supports you when you work fewer hours than usual. Like when you're rostered fewer shifts, take time off sick or go on holiday.

You securely connect the SteadyPay app to the bank your pay goes into. The app works out your average pay and looks out for when you get paid below that average. 

When this happens, the app offers you a top-up that will bridge the difference between the pay you received and your average pay. If you accept, the app will drawdown the money from your top-up facility and advance it to your bank account. Your top-up facility has a £1000 credit limit.

Let’s pretend your average pay is £500 a week.  But last week you had to take time off and as a result only got paid £300. In this situation we would advance you a top-up of £200.

No interest is charged. The only cost to you is a weekly subscription fee of £4.

The minimum top-up is £25. Your first top-up has a cap of £250. Subsequent top-ups may be bigger. All top-ups are subject to an affordability assessment.

To activate the top-up service, you must have paid the subscription for 2 weeks.

To keep the top-up service active you must stay up to date with your subscription and any repayments.

Repayments are easy. They're spread over instalments. Moreover, when you make a repayment, all of it goes to refreshing your top-up facility. Don't worry - we give you all the information you need to know about repayments when you're offered a top-up.

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