It's important for you to be aware of the consequences of missing a repayment.

If you miss an instalment we'll put a hold on top-ups and emergency cash advances until you've brought your account up to date. We'll also report the missed instalment to credit agencies, which will negatively impact your credit score.

If you continue to not pay the overdue amount we'll issue a default notice. If you default, we'll report this to credit agencies and charge a £12 default fee. We'll also cancel the credit agreement. Please note a default will be on your credit record for six years and will affect your ability to obtain loans and credit cards.

If you still fail to pay the overdue amount we'll proceed to take legal action and register for a County Court Judgement (CCJ). We'll also charge a £24 CCJ fee. Please note a CCJ will be on your credit record for six years.

If you fail to honour the CCJ, we'll proceed to engage a bailiff and take enforcement action.

We don't want any of the above to happen. Please contact us if you're having difficulty paying an instalment. We'll come up with some options for you.

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