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What counts as pay? What pay do you top-up?
What counts as pay? What pay do you top-up?
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To get the most out of SteadyPay, you need to be employed. When you join SteadyPay, you confirm your employer. If you have multiple employers, you need to pick one.

We top up the pay your employer direct deposits into your bank account over a given pay period. This includes pay advances made your employer or by third parties on behalf of your employer.

To see if you are due a top-up, we add up the pay you received over a pay period and check if it is below your average pay. We support weekly, fortnightly and monthly pay periods.
We do not count as pay:

  • Transfers from personal accounts

  • Cash deposits

  • Universal Credit, Income Support and other benefits

If all or the majority of your income comes from benefits, then SteadyPay won't be the right fit for you.

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